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Skate park and sports pad/ La patinoire


We are working hard to have the new Skate board park/ skating rink/ basket ball sports zone built. To make a direct donation to our efforts click here: and make a Paypal donation!

Follow our efforts along with our partner the WAY at the Facebook group:

And the WAYs Facebook page:

The Project:

Our goal is to build a 4000sq.ft. skateboard park and along side it a 4000sq.ft. sports pad supporting skate based sports such as hockey and figure skating in winter and summer sports such as basketball and ball hockey.

Who is working on it:

This project is the idea of the local skateboarding youth and is backed by The WAY (The Wakefield Activities for Youth), a nonprofit organization that operates The Wakefield Youth Centre at the Wakefield Community Centre and the WRA (The Wakefield Recreation Association)  The WAY and the WRA are two of four of the founding members of the Wakefield Community Centre CO-OP.  The two other organizations which make up the co-op are the Wakefield Library and Theater Wakefield.

Through youth/ for youth/ by youth

The WAY operates The Wakefield Youth Centre as a drop-in centre for youth aged 9-17. The organization was established in 2000 as the Wakefield Youth Centre by a group of concerned community members who felt that engaging with youth in learning, activities, and leadership would help build a stronger, healthier community.

WAY provides safe environments with opportunities to learn and grow for youth aged 9-17 by:

  • Offering creative and innovative programming
  • Providing leadership opportunities
  • Building relationships with other organizations and individuals that share our values, offering opportunities to participate and work together
  • Promoting dialogue and interactions with all age groups
  • Working as a team to create a healthy community

Encouraging a healthy community through physical fitness and social well being.

The WRA was started over 30 years ago and initially managed the site and building known as the “red-centre”.  With the construction of the new community centre on the site and the creation of the Wakefield Community Centre co-op, the WRA’s attention has been turned towards physical fitness and social well being.  Though the work of volunteers and youth apprentiship  programs the WRA manages and maintains the local ice rink, has purchased playground equipment, organizes the local Canada Day celebration hosting over 2000 participants, organizes a 2 day winter festival filled with winter sports and a hockey tournament.  A majour focus over the past 5 years has been the fundraising forthis sports pad and skate park project.

How it all began.

The idea to integrate a skate park into the construction of the new Wakefield Community Centre started spontaneously by a group of youth in 2008 after they were sponsored by the WAY to attend a national youth centre conference in Cambridge, Ontario.  At the conference, they met youth from all across Canada and were encouraged to think of ways they could improve their own community.  They came up with the idea to build a skatepark in Wakefield because there was no facility for the large number of skateboarders in the area, and the youth were often put in danger by skating on the streets.  They found adults to support them and organized a number of fundraisers for the project – all on their own.

The WAY then become involved when the youth presented the idea of a skatepark to the WAY Board of Directors and staff, and received full support.  The Director and staff members offered time an money to support the project.  The staff assisted with fundraisers and the board matched the youth fundraising dollar for dollar.  The WAY applied for a grant from the Fonds régional d’investissement jeunesse (FRIJ) for the skatepark, and was successful in securing $15,000 in 2009. FRIJ has disbursed $10,000 (which is kept in a dedicated bank account) and will give the final $5,000 when the project is realized.

The Wakefield Recreation Association became involved in 2010 putting profits from events such as Canada Day, the Wakefield Covered Bridge Run and dedicated fundraising events.  Through the involvement of the WRA the winter outdoor skating rink and summer sports pad with basketball nets was added to the overall project.

Why the WAY and WRA support the Youth in the construction of the Skatepark/ Sports pad.

Skateboarding, like any other sport, provides huge benefits to the youth who participate in it by:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Increasing concentration ability
  • Developing flexibility and coordination
  • Building cardiovascular stamina
  • Promoting individuality and creativity.

Studies have shown that professionally designed skateparks provide unstructured opportunities for children and youth to develop and master skills and socialize in a constructive, healthy environment.  A huge benefit is that skateboarding is appealing to a large segment of youth who are not otherwise drawn to more traditional (team) sports.

Maybe more importantly to people here, a professionally designed skatepark has a number of social and economic benefits to its community.

  • Skateparks help get kids “off the streets” and into a safe place.
  • Skateparks help eliminate boredom, which is the leading cause of drug use.
  • Skateparks create jobs – skateboard shops, lessons, camps, etc.
  • Skateparks show that the community is invested in their youth and in providing their youth with active lifestyles, which will attract new residents.
  • A well-designed skatepark will attract out-of-town visitors to spend money within the community.
  • As the city administrator in Armstrong, BC put it: “It actually becomes a draw for your community if you have a good skatepark. Skaters want to come and try it. And never underestimate the power of a teenager to sway his or her parents’ travel plans!”

Combining the skate park with a sports pad will diversify the use of the space  and build a multi-use, multi-season sports pad, and will bring the whole community together.

This project will provide all of us with a place to bring children, youth, adults and seniors together in the name of recreation – on the newly constructed grounds of the Wakefield La Pêche Community Centre. 

Where we are now.

To date, through the efforts of the youth with the backing of the WAY and the WRA $81,000 has been raised.  This has been raised through volunteer hours putting on

  • Youth-run carnivals
  • Collection jars in various local businesses managed by youth
  • Covered Bridge Run – 2011 & 2012
  • Canada Day event profits
  • Euchre Tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Skateboard building workshop

The money is kept in an account dedicated to the construction of the skatepark and sports pad.

The location for the skate park is on the grounds of the newly build Wakefield Communtiy Centre.  The WAY and the WRA, as part of the WCC co-op can offer management, legal, technical and long term maintenance of the park.

The Construction.

– The sportspad will consist of 2 concrete sections. We will have a section dedicated to skateboarding. The second section will be a new hockey rink. The latter section will be a multipurpose pad where hockey can be played in the winter while it can be used for basketball, ball hockey, rollerblading, etc.  in the summer. The rink will be permanent and the boards made out of recycled plastic. Some boards will be movable so has to increase the size of the skateboard pad if need be, by adding additional movable structures.

– Current roughly estimated cost is 300K

Read about our update of April 27th here:

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